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Ghouls and Fools


'Ghouls & Fools'

6.5M (more or less)
Nighttime Trail Run

Sat. Night, Oct 26, 2013 - 7:00 PM (est)- Reading, PA

"We Provide the Organization - You Provide the Illumination"

Our “not very forthright” society has caused us to live in the “Oh, By the Way” era. We’re told that a pill we buy can cure what ails us but “oh, by the way”, it also may cause brain damage, constipation, excessive facial hair in women even if they’re not Italian or Greek, erectile dripping, an uncontrollable dependency on pork rinds & a depression like what we “Game of Throne” fans feel when a season ends and we got nothing for the next 40 weeks. Or you cash in your frequent flyer miles to find out that, “by the way”, you must depart only between 2- 4 AM, must be strapped to the wing, pay for any carry-ons bigger than an Altoids box and must eat not one but TWO airline meals. Or, “by the way” your all-inclusive vacation has a beach on a waterway referred to by the locals as “Shark Alley”, their unlimited alcohol only includes Keystone Light & Boones Farm and your room DOES have a “view” but it’s of the methadone clinic across the street. Or the person that a friend wants you to meet really DOES have a “sweet personality” but that is only 1 of the 8 personalities they have, they’re trim if you discount the excess hanging skin they have not yet removed from their 185 lb weight loss, their “public relations” job is being a Wal-Mart Customer Greeter and their “great smile” goes in a glass every night by their bed. FORTUNATELY, there is no “by the way” when it comes to the Ghouls and Fools Nighttime Trail Run. It is EXACTLY what it is made out to be. With its rocks & roots and with it being held at night, it is semi-hard but not near as hard as listening to Britney Spears Greatest Hits. Because it’s dark and has some Halloween decorations along the way, it’s a little spooky but not near as frightening as a positive pregnancy test at the age of 16. It has great eats, festivities, unique aide stations, a cash bar at the end and dirty German music but Wolfgang Puck wouldn’t be caught dead here. And you’ll repeatedly laugh and smile throughout the event except when you are scowling because you are going up a big hill, cursing because you fell, crying out for help because you got lost (which you won’t) or using the name of the race director in vain because everyone else does too, including his wife. The Ghouls uses some of the better defined and less technical trails on the hills overlooking Reading, and the course is significantly different than PCS’s other nighttime trail run. And it’s so well marked that you could probably even follow it WITHOUT your headlamp, flashlight, cell phone, etc; but don’t try! There is a reason that the Ghouls and Fools draws between 400-500 entries a year. Come on out and see what happens in the woods after dark because it’s FUN, FUN, FUN! NOTE: YOU ALONE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR WELFARE DURING THIS RACE. It’s hard enough to find you in the daylight, especially since we won’t look for you (we’re not kidding!)! But it’s a mother in the dark, so if bleeding, have someone drag your corpse to an aide station. Since this race requires a certain degree of common sense & semi-maturity, we don’t allow those under 18 to do this race (16 & 17 year olds OK to race ONLY IF a parent is present at the race site, entries younger than 16 MUST have someone running with them). Other discouraged from coming are those who think they’ll make big bucks as a “secret shopper” and anyone who gives a rat’s butt about what Kanye and Kim’s baby looks like (here’s a clue: it’s small, wrinkly and poops itself. A LOT!) (does that narrow it down a little?).

M/ F 1st & 2nd overall (no repeats) and best M and Female costume plus
0-29: 5M/4F 30-39: 5M/4F 40-49: 5M/4F 50-59: 5M/4F 60+: 4M/3F

REGISTRATION/ENTRY: Reading Liederkranz German Singing & Sports Club, 143 Spook Lane, Reading, PA. Reg. opens at 5:45 P.M.; we race at 7 PM or as soon as it’s dark enough after 7. Fee is $33 w/ wicking hi-tech shirt if postmarked by Tues, Oct 7, 2013. Afterwards, $38 while tech shirts last (inc. day of race), $30 when gone. WARNING: HI-TECH WICKING SHIRTS COST SUBSTANTIALLY MORE THAN REGULAR SHIRTS. BECAUSE OF THIS EXTRA COST, FEW extra shirts are printed than those ordered by prereg entries so enter before the race date if possible to increase your chances of getting a tech shirt!. Some standard shirts may be available for post reg runners that night. Optional on-line registration via credit card available thru the Wed before the race on No entry limit! We race in rain, snow or threat of darkness (DUH!!) No refunds, no mailed shirts or awards; no smoking at race site please, NO DOGS OR OUTSIDE BEER ALLOWED AT LIEDERKRANZ; THEIR RULES! Leave Lassie home! And no candyasses or whiners!.

WHAT YOU GET: Hi-Tech wicking short sleeve shirt with a unique & memorable design (no ads on it), 2 water stops (1 with alternative beverages), indoor johns, covered pavilion, refreshments for racers, wheel measured course, entertainment, chance to win door prizes, some special award categories, a German BeerGarten with fine beers and ales for purchase, results on in 24-48 hrs and the right to say you did something that boring, uptight people that you know (your spouse, your boss or your therapist, for instance) say is "idiotic" or "juvenile" or "not in keeping with someone of your stature". Yeah!! Right!!

GPS/MAPQUEST INPUT: 143 Spook Lane, Reading, PA 19606 or “Spook Lane & Hill Rd” or “Hill Rd & Glen Rd”

DIRECTIONS FROM : PHILLY: IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE MAPQUEST DIRECTIONS FROM PHILLY! Instead, take Rt. 422W from King of Prussia. Just before Reading, 1 block past Arby’s & Burger King, bear right onto Bus. Rt. 422, marked “Mt. Penn”; DON’T follow sign to Reading ** Go 3 miles until road splits at new CVS. 1/10th Mile later, JUST PAST Arners Restaurant, take right onto Glen Rd (sign missing, turn just before bridge). At end of Glen, turn right & then take your next right just 50 yards ahead. Look for sign to Stokesay, Liederkranz is next door.

YORK/LANCASTER: Rt. 222 N to Reading. Follow new bypass to Rt. 422 East. Exit at Mt Penn. Take a left, go 3 lights to Bus. Rt. 422. Take a left, follow the Philly directions above after the asterisk **.

ALLENTOWN: Rt. 222 S onto new Reading bypass, merge onto Rt. 422 East (Reading/Pottstown). Go around Reading and exit at Mt Penn. Go left, go 3 lights to Bus. 422W. Take left, follow Philly directions after asterisks **.

LEBANON: Take Rt. 422 East. Just past Berkshire mall, bear right onto Rt. 422E. Continue on bypass past Reading to Mt Penn exit. Take left, go 3 lights to Bus.422W. Go left, follow Philly directions above after asterisks **.

COAL REGION: Take Rt 61 South onto Rt 222 Bypass, follow same directions above listed in “Allentown”

BALTIMORE: Rt 83 North to Rt 30 East at York to Rt 222N at Lancaster. Follow Lancaster directions above.

Check Payable to & Mailed to (with waiver): Pretzel City Sports, 112 W. 36TH ST., READING, PA 19606
Biggest Fool: Ron Horn, , 610-779-2668 day or night,

(optional, a nominal processing fee applies, closes on midnight, the Wed before the event)



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